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From concept to install with a focus on visible sustainability with materials that walked the walk. A collection of CAD models for the real world that made a real difference.

Ultraboost '22 brought new tech and a new female focused designed fit. We filled in the gaps where the toolkit left off and delivered a one of a kind try-on-area where customers could walk in and instantly feel the boost. Among larger than life fixtures that doubled product education while being shoppable—this campaign filled not only the 5th ave NYC flagship store, but the entire fleet of adidas stores nationwide with modular take-downs of the launch zone and in store creative.

CLIENT: adidas  AGENCY: Oliver Agency  FABRICATION: Tangram


It's not often you see two competitors in footwear collaborate, but when the climate is at stake, impossible is nothing. Allbirds combined silhouettes with adidas futurecraft to show the literal carbon footprint it takes to craft each pair of shoes. We elevated the footwear in a completely recyclable yet premium display printing on semitransparent velum paper, pined with lawn stakes meant for the recycling bins, and all laser etched display copy on the birth pedestal to avoid any die-cut vinyl. This entire fixture strike had a home in the re-use pile or the recycling bin when shoes sold out.

CLIENT: adidas  AGENCY: Oliver Agency  FABRICATION: Tangram

Sustainability Area_close-up-01a.png

The PULSE hybrid concept store kicked off with an entirely new look and feel, and a focus on displaying tangible environmental design. We used the backside of an apparel fixture as a dwell space near fitting rooms that displayed these sustainable practices through and through. Each print surface, each 3D printed piece of typography from 100% recycled PLA, each extruded surface material void of vinyl, down to the scrap foam seat cushions spoke to the the use of ocean plastic turned performance product in the adidas Parely line.

CLIENT: adidas  AGENCY: Oliver Agency


The 2023 FIFA World Cup was a 3 phased approach spanning over 9 months of activation in both DTC and WHS markets. Beginning the creative from scratch we told a location story of the matches to display the official match ball in a globe display. The ball also met fans at their doorstep in the US as influencer seeding kits shipped to 20 of the women's teams top fans, including the Kickball Dad! From there we originated the terrace culture campaign styles of all teams in the NAM adidas stores by setting up all windows, launch zones and in store creative for all placements. Extending the excitement for the games was no small matter, but it was a blast to see all aspects come to life—even in an AR experience.

CLIENT: adidas  + Dick'sSporting Goods. AGENCY: Oliver Agency

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