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A collection of works for clients big and small. All built with a minimal and usable system meant for longevity.

The HUDDLE is the quarterly round-table meeting hosted by Rupert Campbell at the adidas headquarters in North America. It was our task to redefine the tone and visual emphasis for these meetings with the introduction of the new company president, and create an evolving system meant to change each quarter—all rooted in sport.

CLIENT: adidas corporate AGENCY: Oliver Agency at adidas MOTION: Ian Truong


PDX Inspired started out as an Instagram handle turned real estate agency that thrives in the luxury property game of the Pacific Northwest, and Bay Area. Working closely with Sophia, we devised a clean yet approachable luxury identity that matches the elevated properties she workes with—while keeping it candid on social.

CLIENT: Sophia Rosenberg x inspired realty AGENCY: happylucky + ongoing freelance

Screen Shot 2023-05-09 at 12.07.13 AM.png

Colby Law Firm, PC hails from Los Angeles, California serving people who’ve caught a tough break. Coming from large corporate cases at Forbes, Colby Law knows the ins-and-outs of how a business can protect itself, and has since switched benches to fight for the little guy. The brand needed to stand out against a sea of small firms, but also hold meaning of direction and confidence. Using inspiration from the clients family history we were able to craft the perfect brand for all the firms current and future needs.

CLIENT: Aaron Colby of Forbes AGENCY: freelance


The mission of Friends of Tryon Creek, in partnership with Oregon State Parks, is to inspire and nurture relationships with nature in our unique urban forest. It began as protected natural area in 1970 and continues to be a leader in the community for environmental education and volunteer efforts. The park required a visual identity that matched the intentions of the group. By using the people, plants and animals as inspiration—this Trillium shape Venn diagram mark brings a simple visual that makes clear of the goals they hold.

CLIENT: Gabe Sheoships x Tryon Creek AGENCY: freelance

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